With our Stress-Free Grooming, all of your “Furbabies” will rest on lavender infused Blankets, with toys and fresh water for a fabulous, relaxing spa experience. We have gentle Classical Music playing in the background to soothe any tensions.

To ensure a stress-free grooming experience we prefer to call you, when your pet is ready go home. This allows us to take our time with each and every pet.

We also offer a VIP RUSH ROVER service for any pet that would prefer to be the only pet in the salon. To accommodate your ‘Furbaby’s’ special needs we will groom him/her immediately and call you as we are finishing. There is a $25.00 charge for this service.

At Paws & Claws Grooming we consider the care of your best friend our top priority. We’ve provided full-service grooming for Cape Cod pets for many years, building a high reputation for excellent pet care and service.

No matter what size, shape, color, or breed, we believe your dog or cat deserves the best! If you truly love your pet (and we know you do!) you’ll be quick to understand the differences that make Paws & Claws Pet Grooming such a doggone special place. To see for yourself, please drop by, or give us a call anytime! You can also email us info@pawsandclawscapecod.com

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